Thanks for listening!

Thanks for all the kind words on the new songs we released earlier this year.  We are really happy with how the songs turned out and it has been a blessing to have some music to work on in otherwise pretty shitty times.

We’re signing out for now, but hoping to do a release gig once this little Coronathingy is over.

In the meantime, listen to the four new songs if you haven’t already:


Under the Ice Cream Parlor is:

Thomas Carlsson — bass, vocals
Rickard Andersson — guitars
Kaspar Dahlqvist — keys
Fredrik Risberg — drums

The noise: Carlsson/Andersson/Dahlqvist/Risberg
The words: Thomas Carlsson
The magic: Christian Mars
The tambourine man: Albin Nidsjö

All songs © Under The Ice Cream Parlor.
Recorded in Analog Sweetening studios, Halmstad

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